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Meet our Brands

Written by Good Cycle


Posted on May 04 2022

Archive Studio

Archive Studio is a design studio with a focus on high-quality durable products that are used on a daily base. The first collection of stoneware ceramics is unique for its double layer of clay that enables different finishes on the inside and outside of the product. The outer layer has a soft-sanded finish, preserving the original texture of the clay. The inside has an ivory white layer of glaze that perfectly protects the product.

All Archive Studio products are handmade in a Vietnamese workshop. The cooperation with this small producer has been recognized by the EU as a program supporting the local economy and has exempted Archive Studio from paying import duties.

Handmade | Social Good | European


Ecofreax is a family-owned company carrying a wide variety of products that are kind to our environment. As husband and wife with small kids, they started their eco journey a few years ago and love to impact people they meet on the way. What makes them prouder and happier, is hearing from customers that they made some impact on their lives either by education or by providing products had an impact on their habits. Ecofreax items are carefully selected and tested. 

Woman-Owned | Small Batch | Eco-Friendly | Social Good | Organic | Handmade

Fair + Simple

When you invest in a woman, an entire community reaps the benefits. Why? Because she invests right back into her children and those around her. Fair+Simple focuses on simple goods made by women around the world. In addition to fair wages, Fair + Simple supports their artisans and makers through skill development, proper equipment, and simple design. “Every time you spend money, you're casting a vote for the kind of world you want.” - Anna Lappé

Woman-Owned | Handmade | Social Good | Small Batch | Organic | Eco Friendly

Fire Lake Soapery

Fire Lake Soapery was started by a mother-daughter team - Julie Zoller & Jaclyn Ubert - during their quest for healthier products for themselves and their family. With both of their passion, creativity, and attention to detail, it was important that they pass on this passion to their team of artisans.

Each bar is hand-stamped and topped with beautiful ingredients. FLS is committed to making amazing, all-natural products for you and your family. Their team of growing artisans strive to make the best skin loving products make with the purest ingredients.

Committed to giving back to the local community, as well as communities abroad, they have partnered with many local organizations, as well as Respire Haiti, teaching hygiene clinics and soap making classes to provide business opportunities and a better life!

Every purchase of FLS products helps to fuel our "Soap and Water Project" and small scale soap shops, so you can feel good that your purchases will not only give you all-natural products for your family, it will also help families in Haiti and in our local area to have a healthier, cleaner life.

Woman Owned | Eco Friendly | Handmade | Social Good | Organic | Small Batch

Forever Green Art

Forever Green Art has been in manufacturing for over 30 years. They are a small business that specializes in preserving real plants, trees, moss and florals. They hand-pour their candles, build and source accessories. Their crew of artisans strive to provide innovative and unique designs. They are continually growing and reinventing themselves to better serve their customers.

Woman Owned | Handmade | Small Batch


Goldrick founder started the company with the ambition of creating natural living environments, making a life alongside nature to support our wonderful planet. The planet needs our help - we have to use less and move away from single-use plastic and celebrate natural alternatives. It is estimated that we are producing over 300 million tons of plastic every year, 50% of which will only be used once. More than 8 million tons of plastic is dumped into our oceans every year.

By choosing natural and reusable products we are reducing landfill waste and we are making a difference to our planet. She believes that conscious living leads to a more authentic, beautiful and rewarding life. She looks to inspire people to see the beauty and purpose in nature and the everyday living.

Woman Owned | Social Good | Organic | Handmade | Small Batch | Eco Friendly

Hilo Sagrado

DESIGN +EMPOWERMENT.+TECHNOLOGY +IMPACT. Using design and technology to redefine the artisanal concept to create greater social impact. Since 2013 Hilo Sagrado has implemented a model of inclusive development that recognizes the deep cultural legacy and value of artisan communities in Latin America, and which seeks to empower women with the tools that allow them to improve their quality of life.

Through education, economic empowerment and sustainable development, their aim is that the communities that they work with can become self-sustainable, providing women with the necessary tools to become micro-entrepreneurs, to take ownership of their own work, and to escape from extreme poverty.

Woman Owned | Social Good | Handmade | Small Batch

Juniper Ridge

Juniper Ridge uses sustainably harvested plants and traditional steam distillation techniques, infusion, tincture, and enfleurage, to create home goods and body care products at our workshop in Oakland, California.

By focusing on plants native to the West Coast, we bring the beauty of its natural splendor into your home. Juniper Ridge is paraben and sulfate-free. Sustainably harvested organic ingredients. Dye-free. Petroleum product free. Cruelty-free. Good for the whole person.

Eco Friendly | Social Good | Hand Made | Organic


Plantish grows with folks who are exploring a vegan, plastic-free, plant-based way of living. From production to packaging, they intentionally explore low-impact, plant-based materials that perform better than plastic. Being makers themselves, they also work with other makers in Canada & US to develop zero waste products. Through trial and error, they established best practices of using, caring, and disposing of the products to share with the community. Like Good Cycle, they believe in solutions found in nature to live a plant-ish future.

Woman-Owned | Eco Friendly | Social Good | Small Barch | Handmade | Organic

Santa BArbara Design Studio

Santa Barbara Design Studio is all about imagination and design, working with artists in an effort to be fun, fab, and unique. Their California roots lead them toward casual and hip, but they're not confined to anything… they’ll throw in some home décor, accessories and totes.

The eclectic collections encourage personal style with pops of color and art. Their creative team works and plays from California, Arizona, Tennessee and Florida. Since 1976, SBDS has encouraged our customers to take a chance and experience something new and different. Experience the Santa Barbara Design Studio vibe. Offer the gift of FAB!!

Eco Friendly | Social Good

The Collective

At The Collective, they see the beauty in doing things and not just things that are beautiful. The design with purpose and craft with beauty in mind. Machines are not their artists. Artists are. 

Eco-Friendly | Social Good | Handmade | Organic | Small Batch

Verve Culture

Verve Culture brings you on a cultural journey through artisan-made products. We are a women's-owned family business that partners with artisan makers. Our mission is to create a marketplace for culinary and home goods from around the world that offers growth opportunities for their businesses.

Woman-Owned | Handmade | Organic | Small Batch