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This classic sisal bamboo dish brush gets your dishes really clean without scratching. A wooden dish brush scrubber that looks good and works even better.

Sustainably sourced bamboo handle and head with white sisal fiber bristles that will biodegrade at the end of their life.

How to clean your dish scrub brush: Rinse it under warm water. For more stubborn food pieces attached to the bristles use fork to help you clean the bristles

If you want to disinfect your wooden dish scrubber place it bristles down in a white vinegar solution with a touch of dishwasher for about an hour/ Let it dry.

DO NOT place your wooden dish cleaning brush in dishwasher

About the Brand: Ecofreax

Ecofreax is a family-owned company carrying a wide variety of products that are kind to our environment. As husband and wife with small kids, they started their eco journey a few years ago and love to impact people they meet on the way. What makes them prouder and happier, is hearing from customers that they made some impact on their lives either by education or by providing products had an impact on their habits. Ecofreax items are carefully selected and tested. 

Woman-Owned | Small Batch | Eco-Friendly | Social GoodOrganic | Handmade

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